About me

Hello! My name is Claudiu Popa and I’m a 2nd generation typographer.

My dad taught me all there is to know about typesetting while the Visual Arts Academy did the rest. I now work as full-time graphic designer in print industry.

I grew up around the printshop where my parents were employed. My father was a typesetter and my mom handled binding so I got to know the whole proces of printing and book making in a very early age. I liked the smell of printing inks, the paper diversity, the magic of printing and the people involved. I also liked (and had a natural talent) drawing so along the years I graduated The Art Highschool in Sibiu and later on The Ioan Andreescu Visual Arts Academy in Cluj Napoca.

I got my degree in graphic design but also attended photography and engraving classses. This got me back to my roots as engraving techniques were developed along the printing history. I became passioned about desktop publishing and pretty much everything computer-related and am now proud to master all the skills needed to make a graphic designer. So feel free to visit my portfolio! You can contact me for anything design-related and I’m always open to new projects. Just drop me a line and I’ll surely get back to you.


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