Homegraphics speaks Romanian, too


Last night I finished translating the Homegraphics website in Romanian language. That version is online now for the more english-challenged folks out here. Just select your language on the top right and you’re good to go. I know it’s strange for a Romanian to write first in English and then translate in Romanian but given the terminology involved in advertising I found it easier. Ok, some Romanian parts might sound a bit corny to my fellow countrymen but i’ll brush up the text, eventually.

Beee…est advertising

Last year a client of mine saw this and asked me to make him something similar. They were going to buy a few sheeps for guest’s kids to play with. I liked the idea granted it’s a bit silly but the shock factor is what he was after. The sheep is iconic for the Romanian culture. The slogan used here is “Autentic romanesc” . That translates to “authentic Romanian” . Jokes aside, I see it as a win-win situation. On one hand the sheeps get fancy jackets to keep them warm and on the other the sponsor gets promoted. I never got to see the jackets actually produced, this is just a Photoshop job. But I won’t be surprised to see them one day crossing the road, that’s for sure.

DFY Magazine rates – A4 Flyer

Dance For You Magazine advertising rates flyer. A4, full color, featuring some of the covers I made for them, hanging on a string. The backside displays information for their clients.



Yesterday was a big event for me. For a couple of years now I wanted to have a portfolio website to showcase my work and hunt a few more customers. That time has come. HOMEGRAPHICS is live, in English, and it’s my first website, ever. You see, I’m a designer that doesn’t know how to code. Luckily, Adobe came to the rescue. HOMEGRAPHICS is my portfolio website. There are only 6 pages (ad-free) but there’s enough information over there to picture a complete image of what I’m doing. There’s a contact form, and a price quote form as well. My goal was to keep it clean, organised and clear. A Romanian version of the site will soon follow. Meantime feel free to visit the English one. Leave a comment! Ask a question! I’ll be quick to answer.

2012 CAPAROL calendar

Last year I got to work on their calendar for 2012. I figured a change would be better than the standard horizontal type they were using for some time. I must admit, I had a hard time explaining them how will it look, all was done by e-mail. I eventually made them a 3D simulation. All was clear then and they loved it.

This calendar support is bent asimetrically to obtain the tilted angle. This also alows for a small triangular area that’s visible and was used for logo insertion. The pages are also cut in angle at the bottom to fit the base. Each page has the following month on the back side. No die-cut operation was performed on this calendar. It’s all just straight cuts and slanted bends. This results in low production costs and high visual impact. No other thing on any office stands tilted so I think this alone is enough to make it visible anywhere. The print quality could have been better. And no, that’s not me.